Using Clips App to Document Learning

About a month ago I discovered a free app called “Clips” and started playing with it. This app is still only on the App Store, so you need an Apple device in order to use it.

Why this app?

I find that I can create short movies by adding short clips. I feel that it’s a very easy app to figure out and has several options, such as posters, filters and labels, to help enhance your movies. You can easily trim a clip, add some background music and once you are done, save your product to your camera roll.

I mostly use it to document learning and share with students, teachers, and parents through Seesaw, Storypark or any platform that your school uses. I also share some of these videos on Twitter as a way of breaking the walls of my classroom and sharing the learning that happens daily in class.

How can you use it?

It depends on your approach, your subject and the ages of your kids. If you teach MS or HS, I would just introduce it to them as an option to create short videos or clips.

In the ES, the upper grades could definitely be taught how to use it or have time to explore it, play with it and use it for reflection during the unit or at the end of the unit.

As a physed teacher, it helps me to create visual feedback and put it together into a nice little project.

So, it’s your turn. It’s a free app, so if you want to give it a go, just play with it and think of could you do with it.

Have fun!

Below you can see how it looks like by clicking on:

Rhythmic Gymnastics

G1 Life Cycles

Student Led Conferences






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