Giving and Receiving

This month of February has flown by. I have been dedicating my time to a number of things at school, not always related to my lessons and it has taken a big chunk of energy.

When I chose to be part of all these things I knew I would be stressed, and I still chose to do them all. I have to say that I also said no to other things I could have added to my plate, and I am happy I decided to make this choice.

Balancing our work, personal life, time can be challenging sometimes, especially making sure you spend quality time with your family as well and it’s as important as deciding to do all your best at work.

As teachers we constantly give, give, give, and as we do, we always receive.

During this month, I managed my time at work to run a friendly competition of T-ball inviting three other international schools to our campus and having around 100 students in grades 3-5 participating in this kind of event.

Two days later, there was a G1 Assembly for the ES and learners shared a dance they did in a group. It was hard to get learners to come up to an agreement on movements, collaboration and communication at its best, however, agency, patience and lots of commitment helped us to put those dances together and film them using a green screen.

We only shared 3 dances, one per class, during the assembly, but we did share them all right after with families, using an app called Seesaw. It was a great way to showcase transdisciplinary learning across all single subjects and homeroom as Art and Music were also involved in the unit called Light and Sound. Parents loved it and so did learners.

Meanwhile, I have been planning a camping overnight trip with G5 students. Last year I did it too and although I thought this time would be easier as I already had done it, it was a lot to think about. We are leaving on Monday, first thing in the morning and now I am feeling that almost everything is put in place and we are ready to rock and roll!

I believe in wellness as an essential part of my life and I decided to take a risk this year and lead the Whole School Wellness Committee. I am very excited about this opportunity.

I love our team and even if we are just starting, we have put in place an hour of activities for teachers to take part before our upcoming PD day on Wednesday, the day I come from the camp.

We asked all teachers if they wanted to lead any activity and the response was overwhelmingly positive! We had 23 activities ready to run and 29 people involved. Such great support! All this supposed quite some planning and time and I can’t wait for it to happen!

On Thursdays, I coach swimming and yesterday was my last day with my swimmers for this season as I would start coaching volleyball on the next season. When I told them they were so disappointed and their words really touched me, and here is a clear example of receiving.

They said things like, “you are the best coach” or “please don’t go, I am in swimming because of you” ” We love how you coach us” and this kind of stuff.

This is a clear example of how relationships matter and the impact we can create in youth thanks to what we do, what we say and how we interact with them.

This is a personal reflection that I need it to write because many times we are really hard on us and we forget that yes, we care and try our best, we fail and recover, and others care about us as well.

Thanks for reading.







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