Rhythmic Gymnastics Part 1

Last week we kicked off our Rhythmic Gymnastics UOI in G5.

Beforehand, I asked learners to think about this question:

How do We Move our Bodies More Efficiently and Safely?

You can click on your child’s class to read their thoughts:

Ms. Michelle’s Class

Ms. Lou’s Class

Mr. Garrett’s Class

During the week, learners have been practicing several gymnastics skills such as balances, rolls, and jumps. This is the first time for them to have a rhythmic gymnastics unit, however, they can connect their prior knowledge gained from learning and practicing these floor skills in artistic gymnastics in previous years.

I really like using provocations for student’s learning so I had them watching a short clip of the Worlds Championship of Rhythmic Gymnastics to get a better picture of what this sport looks like.

Our central idea for this unit is:

“Body control, smooth transitions and a variety of elements, helps to enhance a gymnastics performance.”

This week, G5 gymnasts will inquire into how to use different equipment, such a ball, a ribbon or a hoop and to combine it with different gymnastics skills.

I will be adding more pictures and short videos of learners as the unit goes on.





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