Making the most of Student Voice with Flipgrid in G5

I recently started to use an app called Flipgrid in my physical education classes. This app allows me to listen to students who are usually quiet in class or who struggle sharing their thoughts with the whole class.

Often times I feel like if I ask open-ended questions, I always get answers from the same few students who are used to share their thoughts out loud and feel more confident about their learning and knowledge. A lack of vocabulary may also stop EAL ( English as an Additional Language) learners from sharing with their peers.

Flipgrid allows students to create short videos to talk about any topic. During the Net Games unit, I created several topics to have students inquiring, thinking, and communicating their learning with me and among themselves.

You can have access to the different clips by clicking on the links below.

Students used shared iPads and created the videos in between games while others were still playing.

The quality of the image and the sound might not be great as it wasn’t the priority at this time.

As I mentioned earlier, my goal is to be able to listen to student’s voice and use it as a way to assess their learning in an authentic way.

Feel free to click on the links below to listen to G5 students

Ms. Michelle

5M Badminton Self-Assessment

5M Badminton Intro Game

5M Volleyball Games

Mr. Garrett

5G Badminton Self-Assessment

5G Badminton Intro Game

5G Volleyball Games

Ms. Lou

5L Badminton Self-Assessment

5L Badminton Intro Game

5L Volleyball Games


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