Movement Composition in G3

As a frontload of the How We Express Ourselves unit, G3 learners have been inquiring into the choreographic concepts of time, force, levels, and space.

Our central idea was: “Perfomances with a message can influence thinking.”

In PE, learners got together in small groups of their choice and started planning what they wanted their final performance to look like, what was going to be their message, and how they were going to share that message with their audience.

Together we created the success criteria and during every lesson, learners would plan and start creating their performances following the success criteria we agreed on. At the end of each lesson, each group would show what they had worked on during the class and would get feedback from their peers and from me. Based on feedback they would keep working on their dances and make the necessary changes.

It wasn’t an easy task for some groups as a few students were not always engaged or willing to help their team. Learners understood that in order to create their very own performances with a message, they had to collaborate, be open-minded and communicate their ideas with their peers.

Students were given the opportunity to choose the way they wanted to perform, as well as the music they wanted to have for their dance.

They also decided who they wanted to be their audience and where to perform.

We agreed on using a green screen app called “Do Ink” to have different backgrounds for their dances.

I filmed most of the groups on the field to get the green as the background. That idea was both, innovative and challenging as there are some natural factors such as the wind or the sun that are not helping while filming.

One group decided to do a shadow dance instead. They will be performing tomorrow for their class and their video will be soon added it to the shared folder.

Click on the link below to watch your child’s dance. Can you guess their message?

Ms. Anita’s class

Mr. James‘s class

Ms. Lisa‘s class

In addition, please listen to the reflection of this learner where she is trying to explain why her group was successful.

Here you can see a few pictures of students rehearsing or getting visual feedback from recording short clips on the iPads.


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