G5 Net Games: Badminton

To better understand net games, how to play them, and the transference between net games such as volleyball, badminton or tennis, G5 learners have been inquiring into the importance of footwork and interpersonal communication.

We started the unit with some volleyball games and we recently started exploring a new game for many, badminton.

Students played 1vs 1 rallies and they were challenged to use different shots, use shots that would make their opponent move and return to the court after each hit.

In addition, they had to learn how to serve properly.

Slowly, G5 students are starting to be aware of the spaces and the importance of footwork and correct grip.

As learners play games, I like to observe them and ask them questions to see if they are understanding their actions, if they have a plan, or if they are just trying to randomly hit the shuttle back to the opposite side of the net.

These are some questions I asked them during games to provoke their thinking:

How do you score in badminton?

What can you do to score in badminton?

What can you do to stop your opponent from scoring?

What way is the best to keep the shuttle in play for you?
Yesterday students played a “badminton intro game.” Thinking of what they do and why they do it during games, allowed them to better understand net games. In addition, they were able to develop the skills needed to play net games.

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