Net Games in G5

G5 students have been inquiring in net games.

We started “unpacking” our knowledge in net games. Below you can see what learners came up with:

Some ideas from the whiteboard:

  • There is an even number of players
  • You have to hit the ball or shuttlecock over the net
  • Unique scoring system
  • You need to move quickly (footwork)
  • You can use a racket, a paddle or your hand to hit
  • Must show sportsmanship
  • Eyes on the ball
  • There is a net in the middle of the court
  • Badminton, tennis, volleyball, and ping-pong are examples of net games.

Students started to work with a partner, practising the skills and soon playing small games. So far we only have been exploring volleyball and soon will start playing other net games such as badminton.

We have been using an app called Flipgrid in class so learners can demonstrate their understanding of the skills learned in volleyball.

In addition, they had to film others and explain what their partners/team were doing (or not doing) while playing small games.

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