G5 Overnight Trip

Last week, G5 learners spent a couple of days in the VKirirom Pine Resort, in the Kirirom National Park.

For many students, it was the first time to be out, camping and spending a couple of days with their friends in a campsite so everything was new to them.

The campsite was beautiful, surrounded by pine trees. There was a field by the campsite that we used to do most of our activities.

After having a quick lunch and sorting out the tents, learners spent a couple of hours working with their groups on their PYPX activities led by their homeroom teachers.

Their very last task was to find pine cones, branches and another sort of stuff they could find in nature to make “WHO WE ARE” so we could read it.

For dinner, we cooked veggies and sausages on the BBQ and everyone enjoyed eating outside, with their friends, sitting on the grass and breathing the pure air of the mountains.

Before it got dark, learners participated in different activities, such as a strategic tag game and storytelling in small groups.

As soon as the sun set, we turned off our flashlights and some other bigger lights that were lightening the campsite and focused on the sky. It was amazing to just lay down on the ground with our eyes wide open and quietly enjoy the number of stars we could see. It felt like looking at a huge blanket of glittering, sparkly and shiny dots that kept twinkling at us.

One of the highlights of the evening apart from stargazing was to sit around the campfire, singing songs, roasting marshmallows and enjoying smores.

Learners slept in their tents and woke up early the day after. Breakfast was served in the early morning, and students got the energy they needed it to run with their teams in the orienteering activity.

Other activities, such as hiking, playing active and calmer games were given as a choice to students during that day.

We left promptly after lunch and were able to get back to school while everyone else was getting ready to go home.

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