Showing Understanding of Concepts in Invasion Games

Learners in Grade 5 have been exposed to new concepts in invasion games.

They played small basketball games where they learned that in order to keep the possession of the ball, they had to:

 Run into space

– Create space

– Use safe pass lanes

– Use the correct pass

In addition to playing the games, G5 students showed their understanding of the new concepts by recording their thoughts using a free app called CoachNote (basketball) on the iPads.

Below you can see an example of a couple of students sharing their thoughts on passing and creating spaces.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 1.13.44 PM



Creating Success Criteria in Grade 1

Students in Grade 1 have started a Cooperation Games unit this week.

Together we developed a “Success Criteria” for students to know the learning targets for the lesson.

We came up with many I can statements:

 Success Criteria

  • I can help my friends to unfold the parachute
  • I can use my hands to hold and shake the parachute
  • I can work with my friends to make a tent
  • I can listen to others while playing a parachute game
  • I can collaborate with my friends to have the balls “pop up” on the parachute

Learners went through an inquiry process by unfolding the parachute and realizing that it was upside down.

After a few minutes, and after trying out different ideas, Grade 1 learners were able to flip the parachute, unfold it completely, and start playing with it. They learned that in order to play with the parachute, they had to work together.