Scanning and Noticing


“when you are a step removed from the fray, you see things that come as surprises – and its important to allow yourself to be surprised.”

One stand out moment in my career to date is when I was looking at some promotional pictures an outside company had come in and taken to use for a new school website. Each department had set up exciting lessons so that the photographer could take some action photos. Chemistry decided on explosions, drama had designed a pupil led play, history acting out a famous Roman battle. We just got down to teaching rugby as we usually do. When the pictures came back we were given the chance to pick the best ones to use. As I was looking through them I saw something I hadn’t seen at the time of teaching,  there wasn’t one smile on either the children’s or the teachers faces…

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A Models Based Approach to PE: Cooperative Learning


A Models Based Approach to PE: Cooperative Learning

Cooperative Learning within PE is a models based approach that focuses on students working together in small groups to master subject matter content. This essentially gives the students the joint responsibility of both learning the content and also ensuring that their peers learn it as well, moving the role of the teacher towards a more facilitatory role. Dyson and Casey in their recent book Cooperative Learning in Physical Education and Physical Activity put forward five key elements of the model as guidelines for successful implementation within the curriculum. They are:

Positive independence Success is only achieved when students work together in teams and rely on each other to complete the task. One students cannot succeed unless all students do.
Face-to-face promotive interaction There is time within lessons for students to talk to each other, working out common problems, coming up with solutions, identifying…

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Adventure Challenges in Grade Three

Grade three learners, in their unit of inquiry, “How We Organize Ourselves,” are studying the importance of making decisions together to cooperate and get organized.

In Physical Education they are learning new ways to communicate as well as organize themselves while having to solve a problem or to complete a challenge.

Learners had to guide a peer who was blindfolded and couldn’t see, by coming into an agreement of sounds that would help their partner to be aware of the space and where he could or could not go to.

Most of them chose to clap or click their fingers to have their partners moving and use some key words to have them stop moving. Safety was a big deal while doing this activity and students did a great job helping their partners to feel safe while moving into different spaces in the gym.

Their last challenge of the lesson was to lay down on the floor, put the blindfolds on and together create a human square. It required lots of communication and wasn’t an easy task. After the lesson, we quickly reflected on the importance of listening to others as well as being a risk taker and trying their best to help their team to achieve their goals.


New Country, New School, New Opportunities, New Challenges Part 1

My family and I recently relocated to Cambodia. This is not the first time we move to a new country. We have lived in several countries and several continents already, but moving means adventure, fun, discovering and learning new things, meeting new people and making new friends as well as adjusting to a new job in a new school and a different country.

Our transition has been quite smooth thanks to the support the school has given us. We were able to find a place to live just before I started to work and slowly started to get settled.

The school is great, I love the PE team and most of the staff seem to be quite friendly and approachable. It is an international school, so there are many different nationalities, not only within the student population, but also the staff.

The facilities are also something I want to mentioned in this post. I feel very thankful to have all those spaces to help me in my daily practice with my students and also to be able to use them for my own practice before or after school.

Here in Phnom Penh the days starts early. There is already some light around 5:30am and the sun rises before 6. I like to leave early and so I can ride my bike to school without feeling with the motorcycles, tuk-tuks, cars, trucks and all other vehicles you might find on the roads of Phnom Penh. At 6am there is not a traffic jam and, even if there are already so many people on the road, you don’t have the feeling of “controlled chaos” that I first experienced here sitting on the back of my tuk-tuk and just crossing my fingers when the driver would cross a very transited road.

The Khmer people, the people from Cambodia are lovely and always have a smile on their faces which also helps, especially when you feel stressed or overwhelmed with other things.

I started this as a series of posts I want keep on writing of my adventures in Cambodia.

Hopefully the next chapter will be on soon. I have so many things to write and reflect about.

Tuk-tuk ride