Mom, Dad, I have swimming today…

Today I feel thankful because I am finally going to be able to teach swimming to my students.

We did have the first unit of swimming at the beginning of the school year but, since then, we’ve been struggling for the pool to reopen.

Having less than a month left of school and twenty classes to fit in the weekly schedule, we managed to have students in the water for two sessions, which is way too short but better than nothing.

Since we live in the south of China, close to Hong Kong, the weather can be very hot and humid at this time of the year, so having the swimming pool available for us is fantastic.

I guess swimming has been part of my growth and development and I find it difficult to understand that many people my age or on younger have not had the opportunity to learn such an important life skill.

Cultural believes and previous experiences have led to certain people to have fear of the water. This affects our students because as parents feel scared they excuse their children from joining our swim classes. It is indeed a sad thing that happens in many international schools and I wish parents will be more reflective of the consequences of not letting their child to be exposed to new learning opportunities.

As I reflect on what happened today, I received four emails from parents excusing their children to join the swimming lesson, I am trying to find the best way to communicate with parents and let them know that their children are actually lucky to have such opportunities in life and that hopefully, they let them give it a try.

I do not want to end up this blog post with a bitter taste though.

I have to say that most of my learners were in the water, pushing themselves, trying to improve their skills in both, front crawl and backstroke and had a blast just being active in the pool.

My last lesson today was in grade 1 and I loved to see the joy they had in the pool as they worked on their pencil glides, their kicks and played tag games in the water.

If you think about, what can be a better way to finish your week than being in the swimming pool in your PE class.

I just want to restate that I am thankful for what I have to offer my students and what I was able to receive from my parents, teachers and swimming coaches as I grew up.

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