Being Creative Energizes Me

Today I decided to start my lessons with a different warm up. I made up a game based on something I learned in a PE Conference.

I used five stabilization exercises we usually do during warm-ups:

  • Plank
  • Lunge
  • Side Bridge
  • Mountain climbers
  • Squats

And I wrote down those exercises in 5 big pieces of color paper.

I asked the students to get in groups of 3 or 4 and think of the exercise, draw a picture of it and think of the number of repetitions or seconds to hold the posture for.

After a few of minutes of collaborating with their groups, learners shared their posters and explain how to perform the exercise they had on their poster.

Once every group shared, we started playing the game that consisted of half of the class had a card numbered from 1-5 and the rest of the class didn’t. Those students with cards were taggers and had to tag somebody using the same locomotor moments that the person they were after.

For instance, if one student was skipping and the other was to tag him, the tagger had to skip as well in order to tag him.

Once tagged, the student would get the numbered card and would have to find the poster with the respective number to execute the exercise. After having finished doing the stabilization exercise, he will become a tagger.

The response from the game was great! Students loved it and it just was a perfect way to have them warming up differently. This game meant working on many social skills such as communication, collaboration, complex thinking and independent learning.

I did this activity with my fifth graders, then I simplified it with my fourth graders having only one person to explain the exercise to the whole class and playing the game right after.

I think both ways were very valuable for student’s learning. The second one was much faster and learners started to be active sooner than the previous class.

This game involved lots of creativity from students as they had to choose different locomotor movements to get away from taggers.

3 thoughts on “Being Creative Energizes Me

  1. So awesome. I play a similar game called mail tag. Loved by all ages. Students without mail ( not-its ) choose their own movement pattern (skip, lunge, gallop, cartwheels, groove-dance movement etc..) taggers have to mimic the pattern of the person they are trying to tag. Taggerts Can’t change their pattern to tag someone closer.

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