Field Day

Recently, we celebrated a couple of Field Days in the Elementary School. We were extremely lucky with the weather and students had a blast.


Field Days are structured in a way that there are ten different activities led by our teachers. Games vary in each station as students are expected to not only have fun but to also get exposed to new opportunities to practice different skills. This year’s stations included play with parachutes, a variety of relays, hoop on a ball, and a couple of jungle gyms.


The goal of Field Days is to have students playing with each other rather than competing. Although some of the games might look a bit more competitive, the ultimate goal is to have students being active and having fun in different environments. One of the favorites is “Tug of War” and, even if there is some competition during the game, as students finish playing, they run happily to their next station.

In addition, Field Days is a wonderful opportunity for students to demonstrate their ESLRs (Expected, Students, Learning, Results) as they are in teams with other students from different classes and grade levels. It is always great to see older students supporting the younger ones in their teams, being complex thinkers, collaborators, and global citizens.


Each color team has a Teacher Assistant in charge of the team and they rotated from game to game till they completed the whole circuit. This is also a great opportunity for the Teacher Assistants to go around, learn new games, and play with the students.

This year we also had one of the Learning Innovation coaches flying a drone to get an aerial view of the field.

Thanks to our PSA, all of our students were treated to fruits and natural fruit ice cream. It was great to see them enjoying their healthy snack as they walked off the field.


This year’s Field Days were once again very successful and students had a great time!


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