Tactical Problems

Yesterday I decided to start my lesson with a provocation. We are in the invasion games unit and this year I am really focused on using this new approach called teaching games for understanding. It really makes a difference when students understand the tactical problems and think of solutions for them.

As we started the lesson I had written this sentence on the board.

What is the Other Team Doing to Keep the Possession of the Ball?

Some students shared their thoughts and we had a little bit of a discussion before starting the warm-up and the actual games.

During the small games 3v3, the students who weren’t playing had to observe the others and think of the inquiry I had written on the board, get a marker and write down something they observed.


I told them not to worry about writing their names, I didn’t want to stop them from sharing their thoughts.


Most of my students wrote down something. It was a quick way of reflecting on what they saw and also a way of thinking what they should do to support their team.

I just wanted to share that EAL students might need more time to understand what they are being asked to do. Allowing enough time for them to think helps. Their writing might have spelling mistakes, but the concept they want to share is there, and I think visuals and time can be very powerful.




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