A Few Tips From a Parent for Better Parent-Teacher Conferences

Pernille Ripp

‘Tis the season of parent teacher/conferences, not just for me as a teacher, but also for our three school-aged children.  Having been on both sides of the table now for a few years, I have been thinking about how we as teachers can use the parent perspective to prepare well.  So here are a few tips for better parent/teacher conference from a parent’s perspective.

Send home a questionnaire beforehand.

All three of my children’s teachers did this and it allowed us to really think about what we were hoping to hear about at their conference.  We knew that my husband would be the only one present and so we could discuss beforehand what was important to both of us.  We then sent it back a few days before so the teacher had time to prepare.  Simple questions such as; what would you like to know more about or what concerns do…

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