Today was a very especial and challenging day for me. I had a new student coming in with a physical disability, spine bifida.

He never attended a PE class before and I wasn’t sure of what to expect from him, and that questioning of “what if” was getting in my head.

Experience has taught me that many times we worried too much for things just because we don’t know them, we feel uncertain about them and we turn them into a big thing when they really were not such a big deal.

I told myself that I couldn’t really do anything till the student will get here and I could start working with him.

To my surprise everything went very smoothly. He was very independent, a good listener and really trying his best during the whole lesson. Later on I checked with the teacher and the learning support team and the feedback was great. The student was excited and sharing that he was able to start dribbling with a basketball.

This is kind a of great lesson to me. Sometimes I worry too much and don’t remember that things are meant to be in one or another way.


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