Blogging…not always happening

A couple of years ago a colleague started “The AMPed Project” at our school, SIS. Autonomous, Mastered, Personalized. That’s what AMP means and

I wanted to introduced it to my kids so they could have time to work on “their passions.” As teachers I feel that  we should show our learners what we expect from them by modeling it so I had to think of my own AMPed project.

One of my passions is running, the other is to travel and explore different countries and their cultures, however, that’s something I do anyways, because I love it, so I thought that I should find a different project.

Often times I had thought of starting my own personal blog, to actually write stories about my trips, add pictures and places to even recommend friends or family to go to but never really started it. I thought about it as a great AMPed project and I started it and showed it to my kids.

Now, two years later, I look at it and I just realize that I started the project, wrote down a couple of blog posts, used it for my Cross Country Team as well, and never went back to it.

This year, one of my goals is to maintain a professional blog to reflect on best practices and learn from failure. As it seems to get hard for me to find time to write a blog post, I want to make sure I’m consistent and I write at least once a week.

Last year I found an article in twitter on giving basic tips for blogging.

Set Specific Goals. Realistic Posting frequency

Get Creative

Conquer your bloggers’s block

Create a posting schedule

Just get started

I’ll be using these ideas t keep my blog up and running.

Hopefully they’ll help you too!






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