Reflecting on time management and how to better fit everything in the lesson

Today I had my second lesson on TGfU with my fifth graders.

I chose to play a tag game (It Tag) they learned on the previous lesson to warm up and started to add some more rules to make it more complex and to have students coming up with different tactics.

Today my focus was to work on spatial awareness including proper offensive and defensive strategies. In order to do that I decided to play the “Keep Away” game.

My idea was to aloud students to reflect on the games by asking three basic questions during and after the games, but I guess, by the time we had the teams ready and up and playing there were not enough time to go over the questions. We did reflect on the previous game, asking about challenges, opportunities and ways to offend (tag), defend and rescue, but did not have time to share our thoughts while adding the bean bags, hockey sticks and whiffle balls.

I even made a padlet for learners to use, however, unfortunately we ran out of time. We’ll use it on our next lesson.

The reason why I’m writing this down is to remind myself that asking those questions and reflecting on our learning is key and even more while teaching games for understanding. Hopefully I should plan the lesson in a way that aloud us to have that extra time to share our thinking.


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