Last Week of School.

I can’t believe that another year has passed by. We are in the middle of the last week of school, a quite busy week with lots of last things to finish before we head out to our well deserved summer.

It has been a full year, with lots of growth happening and I am very proud of my students and the progress they have done.

Today I decided to ask my learners what physical activity, sport, or exercise they were planning on doing during the summer. Most of them said swimming, however, some named other sports such as tennis, badminton and soccer. One student shared his love for hikes which I do too. It makes me happy feel that they will be able to spend time doing these kind of activities rather than spending their summer playing with their iPads.

Hopefully most of them will enjoy the benefits of being physically active.




How to start my new blog? Where to find inspiration?

I’ve been thinking on starting my own professional blog for a while now and I always find an excuse to finally never start it.

Today I had a different mindset. I thought I will read other blogs to find inspiration but finally decided that what I really had to do was just start typing and inspiration will eventually come.

As a physical educator and lover of physical activity, I always get inspired when I’m out running in the outdoors, especially when I’m close to open waters or mountains.

Today I did not have the chance to go outdoors but one of my students was the one who inspired me and I guess that’s one of the most amazing things that can happen to an educator.

Somehow today I rescued from my clutter inbox an email from an amazing conference I happened to attend last November. They were wondering if we could have a couple of students who we feel had changed their lives due to the approach we have in our physed lesson, video themselves and sharing that video with us.

I decided to email then this one student of mine and I guess her response to my email made my day.

“I would love to do it. Thanks for choosing me” she replied back in capital letters.

She doesn’t even know if I’m asking everyone or just a couple of students, but that quick and positive response made me reflect and inspired me to start my first post of my blog today.

Thanks Danielle!

Hopefully this post will help other people to get started with whatever you have in mind. Stop thinking about it, just do it!

By the way, the video will most probably shared during the 2016 AAPEC conference in Hong Kong #PEChangesLives